Fitness Floored is passionate about the fitness industry, design and healthy active lifestyles.  We understand the needs of all types of fitness environments and designs as well as budgets and timelines.  Fitness Floored works directly with business owners, managers, homeowners and contractors to help make the most of their projects, big or small.  Our goal is to provide quality products that not only perform great, they look great too. 


Matthew Dickson

Founder & CEO

As owner, Matt is involved in all aspects of the business but most importantly understands the client's needs.  He provides product knowledge with years of experience in the fitness design and construction.   


Sarah Murphey

Project Coordinator

The project process can be made easy for all parties involved.  Our project coordinators pay attention to all the details so you don't have to. 

Brandon Moore

Head of Marketing

Our marketing department is important because their job is to make sure every client is happy and that every space looks great! 


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Tel: 404-668-4242

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